Grilled meats

All our meats are of very best quality and are prepared in the Josper oven. The combination of grill and oven is giving the meat a smoky and distinctive flavor.

Try our Bistro Mar specialties:

  • T-Bone Steak of the best selection
  • Beef sirloin from Castilla - La Mancha
  • Entrecote of beef from Castilla - La Mancha
  • Suckling lamb chops and lamb fillet

Fish and seafood

We offer a wide variety of fresh fish from Mallorca bought daily at the market:

  • Gallo de San Pedro grilled or fried, with fried onions
  • Sea bass in salt
  • Cap Roig boiled, with fried onions

Also enjoy at all times the best fresh seafood, such as Mallorquin prawns and lobsters, clams, crayfish and mussels.

In summer, we also offer Galician and French oysters with champagne and cava.

Rice and Paella dishes

Rice is another important part of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. In Mallorca, arroz bomba is being used to create the classic rice and paella dishes. Our visitors enjoy our rice and paellas because we like to take great care of the details when preparing these dishes.

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